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2018 MCRSA

MCRSA – Congratulations to David Kay, the President of MCRSA

Greg Alward represented the University of Idaho & the Alward Institute and David Kay represented     
the Alward Institute & Wells Fargo Bank, and at the 49
th Mid-Continent Regional Science Association 
meeting in Kansas City, Missouri June 6-8, 2018.  Greg Alward presented his paper " Building Better 
Social  Accounts for Agriculture and Natural Resource Contribution Studies ", 
and David Kay 
presented “Estimating Sales Tax Impacts with Regional I
O Models” by Brian Lewandowski, 
University of Colorado (also serves on the Alward Institute Scientific Advisory Board), Gregory S.  
Alward, University of Idaho & Alward Institute, R. Garth Taylor, University of Idaho, and David Kay, Wells Fargo Bank & Alward Institute. Andrew Schreiber, US Environmental Protection Agency and 
Research Associate of the Alward Institute presented “blueNOTE: National Open source Tools for 
General Equilibrium Analysis”