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The Alward Institute for Collaborative Science is a non-profit 501c3 corporation with research and education missions to further regional science.  Founder Dr. Greg Alward chairs the Board of Directors, joined by Dr. Thomas Rutherford and Dr. Philip Watson.  Dr. Watson also chairs the Scientific Advisory Council.  Linda Schick is the Executive Director. 

Through our networks encompassing business, government and academia, the Alward Institute builds collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships to provide deep insights into the social, economic and environmental dimensions of institutional social responsibility.  We offer unique competencies in global supply-chain and environmental footprint analysis, sophisticated regional social accounting and modeling capabilities about the structure and function of regional economies and workforces, and extensive experience integrating ecologic and economic systems for multi-disciplinary studies of natural resource management, climate change, natural and human-caused hazards.

The Alward Institute focuses our research in two areas. First, we create open methods for building regional and multi-regional social accounting matrices (SAMs) for economies throughout the world. Second, we create open, transparent models and analysis protocols using empirical data from various sources contained in SAMs. We also offer our business, government, academic, and NGO partners both in-person training and project advice, review, and consulting services for applying SAMs, models and analysis protocols to a wide variety of issues. Our consulting and training partnerships typically involve economic impact and contribution studies, infrastructure investment analyses, multi-regional trade studies, strategic planning and monitoring, benefit-cost assessments, workforce Knowledge/Skill/Ability (KSA) assessments, environmental analyses, evidence-based economic development strategies, structural path and supply-chain analyses, income distribution and economic diversity studies, comparative advantage/SWOT analyses, and assessments of economic risk and resiliency of critical infrastructure.

Donate now to support our research programs and collaborate with us to create the education products and analysis services to enhance the triple bottom-line performance of academic,  public, and private-sector organizations.  Interested? Contact us today!



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