Linda Schick 3Linda develops and directs the annual program of work for the Alward Institute. She establishes the product development objectives and integrates the individual project work plans into a coordinated program. She is the Project Manager and coordinates the collaborative work of each member of the Alward Institute and our research and education partners to assure the combined efforts achieve the annual work plan objectives set by the Chairman and Board of Directors. She assures that the Alward Institute has access to all resources required to successfully accomplish their work. Linda monitors work progress, scheduling, accomplishments, and performance of all Institute members, and provides status reports to the Chairman and Board of Directors. Linda builds and maintains strategic relationships with scientific organizations, government agencies, academic and federal research organization, and economic research organizations. Linda prepares and conducts background research for professional and scientific papers and presentations, manages an internal peer-review process to assure high levels of technical quality and schedules the presentation at high profile conferences and events.  Linda's works out of her office in Windsor, Colorado and she can be reached at 970-217-3942.

Linda retired from the federal government after 36 years. The majority of her service was with the USDA Office of the Chief Information Officer as a Senior Telecommunications Mission Area Control Officer ( in a Department position located in Fort Collins, CO and Washington, DC, and as a USDA OCIO Telecommunications Manager.  In her early years, Linda worked for the USDA Forest Service and was instrumental in the development and implementation of IMPLAN, led by Dr. Greg Alward.