Funded by grants, donations, and research contracts from our partners in business, government and academia, we carry out research to create open methods for building regional and multi-regional social accounting matrices (SAMs) for economies throughout the world.  We create open, transparent models and analysis protocols using a variety of empirical data contained in SAMs.  We also conduct instructional workshops and provide project advice, review, and consulting services to determine the Best Available Science and Data protocols to address complex issues and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our partners’ economic and environmental studies, projects, and proposals.
Research Themes
Our work is oriented around five research and application themes:
  • Theme 1: Enhancing Methods to Construct Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs)
  • Theme 2: Understanding the Structures and Functions of Regional Economies
  • Theme 3: Building Best Available Science and Data Protocols for Regional Science
  • Theme 4: Integrating Bio-Physical and Socio-Economic Systems
  • Theme 5: Providing an Open Analytics Laboratory for Collaborative Regional Science
Support us and join with us as we create the education products and analysis services to enhance the triple bottom line performance of both public and private-sector organizations.