At the MCRSA 2016 Annual Conference the following individuals were recognized for their contributions:


Dr. Steve Deller

MCRSA Distinguished Service Award:  The Distinguished Service Award is the Association’s award for outstanding service to the Association.  The Distinguished Service Award recognizes exceptionally meritorious and sustained service on behalf of MCRSA.  It pays homage to those who pursue a vision of a sustainable, healthy and vibrant Association.  A Distinguished Service Award is a member who has served multiple terms within leadership over many years of active participation, and is allocated for the individual who has been truly “Exceptional.” This is a longā€time member of the Association who has consistently and repeatedly done service in a sustained fashion and a multiplicity of roles.


Dr. Greg Alward

MCRSA Distinguished Fellow (The Highest Award MCRSA can bestow): The Distinguished Fellow Is the Association’s award for good standing and history of 10 years or more involvement with the MCRSA support and participation that has made significant contributions to the broader discipline of Regional Science.  Individuals with particularly outstanding records of scholarship, service to the profession, and participation within the Association in the advancement of regional analysis and related fields of study, research productivity, impact of research within the broader discipline of Regional Science productivity are elected as a Fellow of the Association by the MCRSA Board of Directors. Distinguished Fellow is an honorary position of the Association in recognition of the achievements and contributions of the selected individual.




David Kay

Vice-President:  The Vice-President assists the President in the conduct of the President’s duties and shall assume such other duties and responsibilities as determined from time to time by the President and the Board.  The Vice-President serves as chair of the Competition Committee Chairman. The Competition Committee Chairman (The Vice President) shall be assisted by the Editor(s) of the Corporation’s Journal and two other Voting Members in good standing.  Those two members are selected by the Committee Chair (The Vice President).



Dr. John Leatherman

Executive Director:    The Executive Director shall serve as the Corporation’s secretary and treasurer and will otherwise be empowered to act on behalf of the Corporation in its general interests and consultation with the Board. The Executive Director will cause to be kept complete and correct minutes of all meetings of the Board and the Voting Members, and cause to be issued notices of all meetings in accordance with these Bylaws or as required by law.  When authorized and directed by the Board, the Executive Director will execute with the President all contracts, deeds, and other instruments for and on behalf of the Corporation. The Executive Director will be the legal custodian of all books, deeds, instruments, papers, and records of the Corporation, the inspection of which will be permitted at all reasonable times by any Director or executive officer of the Corporation.  The Executive Director will attend to such correspondence as may be incidental to the office, and will cause to be deposited all monies, securities, and other valuable effects of the Corporation in such depositories as the Board will authorize and direct and, whenever requested to do so by the President or the Board, will prepare and submit written statements, reports and accounts fully and accurately reflecting the assets, liabilities, and financial transactions and condition of the Corporation. The Executive Director will perform such other and further duties as the Board may from time to time direct, and will perform all other duties and discharge all other responsibilities which customarily relate and pertain to the office of Executive Director.