ISFRE Conference, April 3-5, 2016
The International Society of Forest Resource Economics hosted a conference on "Forest Economics and Policy in a Changing Environment:  How market, policy and climate transformations affect forests."
Dr. Stephen Cooke of the Alward Institute of Collaborative Science presented the following ISFRE paper that relates to measuring the contribution of each forest products sector to a state’s economy.
  • Changing Markets for U.S. Forest Products:  Identifying Competitive Advantage, Bottlenecks and Policy Prescriptions for Michigan’s Forest Products Sectors. 
The International Society Of Forest Resource Economics, (formally SOFEW), is an organization that brings together representatives of industry, consulting, academia, and federal and state agencies to discuss current issues in the economics of forestry, timber markets, timberland investments, and forest products trade.  This annual conference showcased presentations on financial aspects of timber management and utilization, timber supply and demand, international trade, forest policy, law and many other current issues involved in the business of forestry.