CGE Workshop, Huntersville, North Carolina; IMPLAN Offices, November, 2013

A one-day resIMPLAN CGE Workshop Tom 2013 300earch collaboration meeting to discuss protocols for developing regional CGE models using IMPLAN data was held November 12, 2013 in Huntersville, North Carolina.  Dr. Thomas Rutherford (University of Wisconsin), Dr. Phil Watson (University of Idaho) and Dr. Greg Alward (Alward Institute for Collaborative Science) engaged a small group of experienced CGE modelers to (1) review experiences in building regional CGE models, (2) share protocols jointly developed by the University of Wisconsin and IMPLAN Group (now members of the Alward Institute for Collaborative Science) for using IMPLAN data with Rutherford's GAMS/MPSGE procedures to formulate various model types, and (3) to engage in a focus group discussion to identify and prioritize policy applications for additional development.


The core participant and presenter group included:IMPLAN CGE Workshop Greg 2013 300

  • Adam Rose (USC)
  • Justin Caron (MIT)
  • Miles LIght (University of Colorado)
  • Ed Balistreri (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Martin Ross (Duke)
  • Madanmohan Ghosh (Environment Canada)
  • Julia Gamas (EPA)
  • Sugandha Tuladhar (NERA)
  • Mei Yuan (NERA)
  • Mark Peters (USDA, NRCS)