The Alward Institute, in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Rutherford and Andrew Schreiber (University of Wisconsin), has assembled a Computable General Equilibrium Data Array data warehouse.  Our CGE Data Array warehouse contains GAMS/MPSGE ready data sets derived from the Institute's database of Social Accounts for each US county.

Each of these county-level CGE data sets are the result of an ETL "build" process to transform and re-balance raw SAM data into a consistent form ready for modeling with GAMS/MPSGE.  The CGE data sets are also calibrated over a range of parameters to assure that each model produces an equilibrium solution.  The Alward Institute CGE Data Array warehouse currently contains callibrated data sets for all US counties for 2008 through 2012 and are available for a single region (e.g., for a single county, or multiple counties aggregated into a single place like a state) for a multi-regional system (e.g., a 5-county MRIO system or a 50-state MRIO system).  Start your CGE model building with these calibrated CGE data sets to investigate research applications for specific problem frames such as fiscal, trade and hazard modeling.

Using these CGE models we can derive and compare both average I-O multipliers (assuming that labor, capital and government are non-substitutes) and marginal CGE multipliers (by relaxing IO restrictions and assuming a CES form of substitution between capital and labor).