We are developing interactive analytics and visualizations, and application program interfaces (APIs) for connecting and embedding regional science analytics within extant models that address complex, multi-disciplinary issues. Our online visualization dashboard is expanding rapidly and currently includes:

  • Regional competitive advantage by industry and across time,
  • Regional skill endowment as it relates to the skill requirements of prospective industries,
  • Economic impact tools for EB-5 analysis,
  • Structural path analysis for developed and developing country economies,
  • County-to-county commodity and freight trade flow mapping,
  • Economic consequences of natural and human-induced hazards (e.g., FEMA's HAZUS hazard modeling system).

We also seek partnerships to help push forward custom applications in areas such as:

  • Ecological and climate change,
  • Integrated transportation, land use and economic development systems,
  • Risk propagation through supply chain networks,
  • Rural development, cooperative education, and public land management to extend our current partnerships with USDA and USDOI.