Brian Lewandowski

Brian Lewandowski is a Research Associate Director at the University of Colorado, Boulder and also the Associate Director for the Business Research Division of CU’s Leeds School of Business.  He is a Leeds MBA and has worked at CU-Boulder since 2006.  He specializes in economic forecasts, econometric models, market research and real estate studies.  Brian has a background in banking, international development, mining, and tourism, working for Fortune 500 companies, as well as with the U.S. Peace Corps.  During his time at Leeds, he has studied various subjects, including: employment, industry composition, economic resiliency, mining, small business financing, exports, workforce, affordable housing, commercial real estate, film, government incentives, tourism, forecasting methodologies, nanotechnology, and others. Brian’s research focuses on the regional economy, specifically on Colorado.  

The Alward Institute is privileged to have Brian serving on the Alward Institute Scientific Advisory Council.