NARSC 2017 Annual Meeting


The 64tth Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International  (NARSC) was held  June 7-9, 2017 at the Maumee Bay State Park Lodge located on the shore of Lake Erie, just outside of Toledo, Ohio.   Greg Alward represented the Alward Institute and presented: 
Regional Economic Accounting Methods to Dis-Aggregate Sections of the Canadian 2013 Input-Output Accounts, Greg Alward, Alward Institute for Collaborative Science, and Madanmohan Ghosh, Canada.
NARSC  - Philip Watson, representing the University of Idaho presented  Good Job, Bad Job: Decomposing regional wage differences into within and across sector components at the 2017 North American Regional Science Association meetings, Vancouver, British Columbia.  He additionally presented a paper by  -  Conroy, T. and P. Watson. Betting on the Over/Under: Education and Entrepreneurship.
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The North American Regional Science Council (NARSC) is an international scholarly organization that focuses on regional analysis, ranging from urban and spatial economic theories to applied problems and public policies in regional development, sustainability, environmental management, transportation, land use and many other contemporary issues of our societies. It is an interdisciplinary association representing members in fields as diverse as economics, agricultural economics, public policy, urban planning, civil engineering, geography, finance, and demography. NARSC represents Regional Science in North America, and our allied regional organizations provide opportunities for local participation. These organizations represent Canada, the northeast, southern, mid-continent and western regions of the United States. NARSC promotes the scholarly exchange of ideas and knowledge that apply to urban and regional phenomena in North America and across the globe. The association fosters exchange across academic disciplines and builds on the understanding that urban and regional issues are best addressed by utilizing tools, methods, and theoretical frameworks specifically designed for regional analysis, as well as concepts, procedures, and analytical techniques of the various social and other sciences. The association organizes an annual national conference that provides a forum for interaction and discussion, and sponsors scholarly regional science journals for the dissemination of research and ideas. NARSC is an objective, scientific body without political, social, financial, or nationalistic bias.
NARSC is one of three international regional science organizations that, together, promote the exchange of knowledge, theory, and analysis of cities and regions across the globe. NARSC represents the interests of regional scientists in North America, while the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) and the Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization (PRSCO) service the needs of regional scientists throughout Europe and the Pacific Rim. All three super-regional associations fall within the organizational structure of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) which coordinates the activities of regional scientists globally.
NARSC and its five regional organizations sponsor several awards and prizes that acknowledge the achievements of members and encourage the highest levels of scholarship among graduate students. Visit the NARSC Awards page to learn more.